I've run, scaled and advised dozens of companies at all stages of their growth. I'd love to help yours too. Every project is different, but my services usually fit into one (or more) of the categories below:

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App & Software Development

I help organisations build software and applications that meet their goals and objectives.

I work with PHP, Laravel, Javascript, React and an ever-expanding suite of technologies to build applications on time and on budget.

Website and eCommerce Development

I design and develop CMS driven websites primarily using Laravel and WordPress for businesses of all shapes and sizes. I'm also a Shopify Partner.

Whether you need the basics to book an appointment with your company or a full online shop with categories, carts and card payments - I'm here to help you build an effective and profitable online store.

With extensive experience with both off-the-shelf and bespoke shopping cart solutions, I've been trusted to build and improve some of the most profitable online stores in the UK.

Product Management

Struggling to know where to start with a project? A roadmapping workshop is the perfect starting point.

Roadmapping workshops accelerate development by defining the goals on a project, so we avoidunnecessary work, reduce risks (technical and fiscal) and engage your team.

I’m an agile practitioner (Certified Scrum Product Owner®) and have delivered such workshops at companies such as Bytemark, Thomson Reuters and various SMEs across the UK to great success.

The benefits of roadmapping are:

  • The software meets the needs of all stakeholders and has buy-in across the company. As users helped to plan the software, your team will be excited to use the software, forgiving of missing features in early versions and very willing to give feedback.
  • The software meets your needs and is delivered on budget, as stories can be added/removed to suit your budget. For example, a priority 1 story must be completed, but a priority 3 could be completed later or omitted entirely.
  • The backlog works in ’sprints' - so each delivered piece of work (typically every 4 weeks) is usable and useful to your business. This allows you to stop/start development as cashflows permits, or add/remove additional developers.

I also offer on-going management, to help complicated projects stay on track.