Shop Black Owned

Vue, Tailwind, Nuxt

A tool to find and support Black-owned businesses across the US. Check it out here. Built with Vue, Nuxt and Tailwind CSS.

Argon Jekyll Theme

Jekyll, Web Development, SASS

Working with Creative Tim and Jekyll Themes, I built a version of the popular Argon Design System Pro for Jekyll. Contains over 1100 individual elements, 43 sections and 17 example pages.

PPP Calculator

JavaScript, Alpine, TailwindCSS, WordPress

To help businesses across the US access COVID-19 loans, I built a PPP calculator using AlpineJS and TailwindCSS. It drove over 250,000 visitors and earned high PR backlinks (Forbes) towards the CoastApp website, raising brand awareness.


Wordpress, Advanced Custom Fields, SaaS

Developed marketing website for SaaS company CoastApp. All content is editable with Advanced Custom Fields.


Laravel, Web App

Working with a consortium of UK charities, I developed a bespoke web app for recording the experiences of their service users. Key functionality includes detailed reporting, dashboards and a slideshow feature.

WordPress, Elementor, SaaS

Developed a highly editable marketing website for SaaS company Built with Timber, Tailwind and AlpineJS


WordPress, Stripe, eCommerce

Developed a Stripe Checkout payment gateway for WP eCommerce with full SCA support.

Tenancy Stream

Development, Founder

Developing the next generation of property management software in Laravel and Vue. Hosted on AWS.

First Aid Training Co-Operative

SEO, Digital Marketing and Web Development

Built new website, eCommerce functionality and implemented content marketing and SEO strategy, resulting significant revenue improvements.

Newcastle Joinery

Web Development

Working alongside Maraid Design, we developed a bold new website for this specialist joinery company. Built with WordPress.

Alison Hardcastle

Web Development

Working alongside Maraid Design and using WordPress and WooCommerce, we delivered a new eCommerce website for this award winning illustrator.


Web Development

Working alongside Maraid Design, I developed a tool to take a questionaire and generate a funding application from, saving significant manual processing for their team.

Monmouth Coffee

Web Development

Working alongside Maraid Design, we delivered a new eCommerce website for this national coffee brand. Built with WordPress and WooCommerce

Thomson Reuters

Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, Software Development

Planned and executed an EU email campaign to promote Thomson Reuters Eikon. Developed software to run campaign (Persist). Exceeded 2015 benchmarks by significant margin.

Digital Strategy, SEO, Email Marketing and Development

Acquired by ZipRecruiter in 2017. Linchpin role with co-founder level responsibilities in operational, engineering, marketing, and sales roles.


Digital Strategy, Web Development

Developed tracking code to enable AS3 to report advertising statistics for a banner advertisement, created prototype iOS applications and developed a platformer video game.

NHS England

Data Science, Web Development

Working with Maraid Design, I implemented the EQ-5D-SL assessment in Javascript. Visitors to a website can enter their pre-operational symptoms and see predictions of post-operation outcomes. Built with Underscore.js.