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How to add onKeyPress to TipTap in React

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Peter White@petewht

At Graphy, we use TipTap as our rich text WYSIWYG editor.

A common request is that the user can submit their content when they press enter.

This is easy for a simple HTML text area:

<textarea onkeypress="onEnterFunction();"></textarea>

However, TipTap doesn't have an onKeyPress event. Instead, we'll need to make a custom extension that intercepts the enter key and runs a callback:

import { Extension } from '@tiptap/core';
export const interceptNewline = (callback: () => void) => {
  return Extension.create({
    name: 'interceptNewline',
    addKeyboardShortcuts() {
      return {
        Enter: () => {
          return true;

Then, in your editor config, use the extension and pass in your submit function:

const editor = useEditor({
  extensions: [interceptNewline(yourFunctionHere)],

Now when the user presses enter, your callback will be run!

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